How it works

How it works: We created Simpliziti with the simple desire to create a dedicated space for all the Goodwill that is being done in the world. It is our goal is to keep it clean, make communication easier, and make a difference by sharing, verifying, contributing and communicating. Start today, build and share your Goodwill story.

how it work

What to Post

  • Pictures, Pictures, Pictures
  • Pictures of you performing Goodwill
  • Pictures of Results from Contributions
  • Pictures Recognizing Others
  • Pictures of Items Followers can contribute towards
  • Pictures of items Followers can buy
  • Remember to provide a description and share!

How to inform your network

Download icon and visual assets >

Place Simpliziti Logo/Link on you webpage, right next to your other Channels.

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Place Simpliziti handle in your email signature and marketing material, letting people know where to follow your Goodwill.

Simpliziti is where for-profits, non-profits, schools, sports teams, and anyone doing Goodwill go to prove it.

Start your Goodwill Story