Click for good karma: contribute to your favorite non-profit with Simpliziti

Click for good karma: contribute to your favorite non-profit with Simpliziti

The idea behind the Simpliziti app was to create a social platform that made gifting easier. Using the app, you can see all your friends’ and families’ wish lists and contribute money to make their non-profit wish come true. It’s designed to make gifting fun and simple. Hence the name: Simpliziti.

Non-profit wish lists

Along the way, the creators of the App, Dino and James, realized that many of their friends’ wish lists included non-material things. They didn’t want expensive shoes or leather handbags, they wanted to offer a community service, help someone less fortunate, or start a “green” campaign.

Altruist gifting

Some of their friends added items to their wish lists that weren’t for them, but for someone else. They didn’t want anything for their birthday, instead they wished to buy children’s books for their community.

Simpliziti took a hint from its users

Inspired by their friends’ wishes, the creators of Simpliziti decided to contact several important non-profit organizations in order to provide an easy way to contribute to a great cause.

More than 20 non-profits accepted the opportunity to become part of the Simpliziti app. Allowing Simpliziti to easily fill the gap between people that need help, and people that want to make a difference in their communities.

The “Good Karma” section is currently under development.

Simpliziti is currently in Beta and available free on iOS and Android. A few adjustments need to made to the app in order to incorporate the “Good Karma” section inspired by Simpliziti users.

This section of the app will highlight some of the coolest non-profits on a global scale, making it easy to contribute to the whole world no matter where you are: just click to donate.

The team has been working on developing the proper user interface that will allow the most gratifying experience for both the users and the non-profits.

The Knight Foundation wants to make waves with Simpliziti

The Knight Foundation has been focusing its’ attention on Miami entrepreneurs for a while now. They believe that a small drop can make a huge wave when people decide to give together. The Miami based foundation’s goal is to foster a startup culture.

They aim to position Miami as a place where great ideas are built. Now their eyes are on Simpliziti. They want to help. Because when it’s a matter of sharing good karma, there is no doubt that small donations + crowdfunding can make the most incredible wishes come true.

A small donation can go a long way

Simpliziti developers, Dino and James also strongly believe that money is the best gift. It is the only gift that empowers the receiver to choose exactly what their happiness will look like.

As young entrepreneurs, they are excited to have the support of the Knight Foundation in their pursuit of funds to make their “Good Karma” project possible.

They’ve got a great Idea, now they’re on

The “Good Karma” project part of a crowdfunding campaign featured on, a Latin American crowdfunding platform that allows creators, like Dino and James, to connect with backers willing to empower new talent and promote social causes in the region.

Through the web site, Simpliziti users and start up lovers now have the opportunity to donate to the “Good Karma” project and contribute to Miami’s tech scene entrepreneurs.

Resources received from Simpliziti fans and backers will be used to develop the interface and every contributor will receive a shout out, a letter or a hand-picked gift from Dino and James because they are sincerely grateful for all the help.

Visit the CreateMiami campaign

Want to help them make “Good Karma” a reality and let the non-profit wishing begin? Click here

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