Giftology. Is mastering the art of giving good for business? John Ruhlin says “Yup!”

Giftology. Is mastering the art of giving good for business? John Ruhlin says “Yup!”

Forbes Magazine calls John Ruhlin a kind of Rembrandt meets Einstein. Pretty bold statement, right? Why? Because Ruhlin managed to master the art of giving and transform gifting into a practical science that improves business exponentially. How can small, smart investments in perfect gifts increase your revenue? Let’s take a look at the gifting philosophy that made John Ruhlin rich.

Giftology applied to business

In his recently published book, Giftology, the CEO of the Ruhlin Group states that “Gifts are symbols of the value you place on the relationship,”. According to the successful business man turned inspirational speaker and author, choosing a gift wisely, making the extra effort to find something of symbolic value can drastically improve your relationships.
As you know, in order to build a great business, you must create strong, lasting relationships with clients, partners, and team members. So it’s easy to see how any effort placed in improving those relationships can result in better business.
But how do you do it? John Ruhlin makes it simple. Be generous. When? Whenever you can! Always. The best part is no matter who benefits directly from your generosity, you will receive the perks of being perceived as a charitable person.

“When you act generously, people take notice. They’ll begin to feel appreciated, and in turn, they’ll want to pay it forward. It’s a natural inclination for us to want givers to succeed because we can appreciate the generosity that was shown to us.”  John Ruhlin. Giftology

Gifting as a philosophy

The philosophy that made Ruhlin rich was taught to him by a local attorney named Paul Miller. From this mentor, John (who was still struggling to get through med school by selling Cutco knives) learned that generosity created business opportunities. How does it work? People that received gifts or donations from the wealthy attorney felt appreciated. They perceived Miller as a successful person and were more inclined to help him gain even more money, because they felt through his success they would continue receiving his appreciation. After learning this valuable lesson and applying it to his business, Ruhlin was earning six figures a year at 22 years old.

John Ruhlin preaches: have faith in gifting

A self-made business mogul that strived to free his family from borderline poverty, Ruhlin´s faith in gifting comes from his faith in God, too. He loves to quote from the bible. When he´s asked about his generosity philosophy by CEO´s of major companies that want to improve their revenue through Giftology, he´s known to quote from Proverbs 18:16, “A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.”

Master the art of giving

Is that motive enough to start trying to master the art of giving as you focus all your efforts on building the business you´ve always dreamed of? We think it is! Let us know if you are convinced that smart gifting means good business. Comment below. ☺

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Proverbs 18: 16, “A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.


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