Gifting money or cash. When is it alright?

Gifting money or cash. When is it alright?

To gift cash or not to gift cash?That is the question. Gifting money can be tricky. It’s a prickly matter, but we want to get into it.

Honestly, when is it okay to just put money in an envelope with a “Best wishes” Hallmark card and be done with it?

Simpliziti asked around. Is gifting money less personal?

People could argue, and frequently do, that gifting money is less personal than choosing a present, wrapping it all pretty and handing it to the birthday girl or guy in person.

The major arguments against gifting money, according to our totally informal survey, are:

  • Gifting money is less personal
  • Gifting money is the easy way out

So apparently some people feel that when they receive cash in an envelope or a gift card with their name on it, that somehow means that the person doesn’t care enough to go shopping for them or doesn’t know them well enough to buy something they will really like.

Well, most of the time that’s not true.

It’s just hard to know what people would like for a present. Even if you’ve known them for years.

The Gifts vs. Money debate

If we have to choose between Gifts vs. Money, we choose money, every time. When we receive money, we smile from ear to ear and say “Thanks!”, while warm feelings of genuine gratitude expand throughout our whole bodies. We might even tear up a little, depending on the amount.

Why? Because nothing could be more empowering.

Come on! When people gift cash, you get to buy what you really, really, really wanted. It’s the best present ever: freedom.

Simpliziti App concludes: Gifting is an art not everyone has time to master.


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When is it alright to just gift cash?

You know in this crazy world we live in, full of merchandise and publicities for things we don’t need, it can be hard to filter out the junk in order to find the trinket that could actually make him or her smile. It’s like finding the needle in the haystack and we don’t always have time for that.


Does wanting a simpler gifting method make us bad people?

What if you could make sure your money goes towards the perfect present? Every time! Find the gift they handpicked for themselves and send them the money. That would be great right?

Ain’t no shame in it. We believe gifting money is awesome.

Gifts vs. money? You don’t have to choose between the two. Do both!

If you take the time to discover their personal wish list and choose an item they have already picked out for themselves, your gift will not only be personal and well thought out, it will also be intimate.

Discover their hidden passions, innermost desires, cravings, whims and then knock them off their feet with your effortless money contribution. It’s a win-win situation. Don’t you think?

Want to be a part of the debate? Leave your comments below. We want to hear your opinion. Would you prefer a gift or money?