Small Gifts Create Lasting Relationships

Small Gifts Create Lasting Relationships

Waiting for an excuse for gifting

Are you used to gifting on special occasions only? How long have you been waiting for an excuse to tell that person how important they are to you?

We think every day is the perfect occasion for a present. A small one. Just because.

Generally when we think about gifting we associate it with a special event like a birthday or a special occasion like Christmas. We imagine large gifts in huge boxes, perfectly wrapped up and decorated with over the top ribbons. But anything can be a gift. A coffee or a movie ticket can be the perfect present to say: “Hey, I want to spend some time with you”.

If you really care about someone and you want to make sure that relationship lasts: just choose a small present that communicates your intention to keep investing in what you have together, because it’s been great.

Of course the time you spend together is the best present ever and you don’t have to worry about wrapping anything. But every once in awhile it’s important to send that special someone a reminder that they are important to you.

Presents can be:

  • Tokens of appreciation
  • Souvenirs from experiences you lived together
  • Or even short pleasurable coffee moments in that trendy new cafe

The art of small-gifting

We strongly believe in small-gifting. We think that lasting relationships are fueled by the daily details that remind each one of you of what you have in common, what you love about each other. That’s why gifting should be a constant practice, not a once a year, only on special occasions sort of thing.

We want to know how you make sure your relationship lasts. Are you the kind of guy that remembers to invest in the details that make her happy? Would you like to hear a couple of small gift suggestions? Let us know if you’re having a hard time figuring out how to keep her smiling, and we will send you a short list of gift ideas.

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