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Fundraising is all about staying connected with your network and engaging them in new and different ways. Simpliziti allows you to create a Wish List of your most desired wants and needs and share them with your followers. Whether your an individual, organization or institution, Simpliziti can help you reach your goals. Connecting with your followers on their mobile device is what makes the difference and will create the most engagement possible. Making a financial contribution is something people value and take pride in, so why not connect with them and let them know how much it means to you. Contact us today to learn more about how Simpliziti can help you!

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Fundraising Wish List





Notifications & Messaging

the most effective way to reach people today is on their mobile device

Benefits of Mobile Fundraising

  • Simpliziti allows you to connect with your network in a new engaging way and raise money for specific ideas.
  • We understand that fundraising can be a difficult process but with Simpliziti it makes it simple and easy to do.
  • Connecting with donors is challenging and traditional channels can often be unsuccessful. It’s important to innovate to stay connected and get things done on the go.
  • Today, people use mobile Apps for everything from ordering food to paying bills, so why not use an App to raise money for your cause.

Payments & Fees

  • All contributions made to a campaign are deposited directly into your Bank Account and a confirmation email will be sent notifying you of the contribution.  In addition, all payments are logged within the App, so you will have a record of every contribution made.
  • To send money just add your Credit Card or Debit Card to your account
  • When contributions are there is a small transaction fee of 5.9%, plus 30¢.  This fee is added to the contributor’s donation by default or the contributor has the option to deduct the fee from the amount being sent.
  • The fee is broken down as follows:  (Simpliziti® 3%) + (WePay 2.90% + 30¢) = 5.9% + 30¢.
2016-08-31 18:54:14

If you would like to create an account please contact us below

  • Contact us today and we’ll get your account set-up and help manage it for you. You must be approved by Simpliziti to be showcased on our Pay it Forward section.