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2014-11-14 11:10:00

Simpliziti allows you to create a fundraising campaign for yourself, company, foundation, organization or specific cause. We provide the platform to connect with your network in a new engaging way.

We understand trying to connect with donors can be a challenge and using traditional channels can often be unsuccessful, that’s why it’s important to approach them in ways that they can be reached on the go. 

Contact us and we’ll get your account set-up and help manage it for you.   

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2014-11-14 11:10:00
2014-11-14 11:10:00


With Simpliziti you will be able to create a Wish List of your personal like’s and interest’s and share them with your friends and family. But it’s not all about receiving the gifts you want, it’s about fulfilling the wishes and dreams of those who matter most to you. Stay connected in a meaningful way by contributing to someone’s wish list and bring a smile to their face. Good intent and good deeds contribute to good karma and future happiness.


All of your contributions will be saved for you to keep track of. You can see them in your Wish List, it will show you what you have received and who you have contributed too.

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Your statistics will show how much you have received and how much you have contributed.

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To set-up your personal profile and financial information go to My Account in your profile.

2014-11-14 11:10:00

Download Simpliziti to Start Sending.


Send a friend a coffee to brighten up their day


Meeting up with friends for a drink? Buy them a round


Treat a friend for dinner and send them money to eat at their favorite place


Need to pay someone back? Send them money with a click of a button

2014-11-14 11:10:00

Download Simpliziti and start sharing your Wish List today.